24 hour emergency response
SOS Watch is a provider of 24-hour emergency back to base monitoring. In an emergency the device will connect through to our locally situated personnel within seconds.
Each customer is setup with a secure emergency profile which includes:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Entry Details
  • 3 x Next of Kin Contacts
A lockbox storing a entry key is a great idea for use by ambulance in an emergency when entry to premises is required. These details can be stored in your customer emergency profile.

To process an order for an SOS Watch through your NDIS budget please ensure that it supports your NDIS goals.

There are a few different ways to make claims which are dependent on what type of plan management you have listed below.

NDIS/Agency Managed
Firstly, we’ll check to see if you have available funding in your Capital Support Budget(Assistive Technology) before processing an order through the NDIS portal using your NDIS number.

Plan Managed
We’ll contact your care coordinator and enquire whether you have available funding and whether you need any referrals (Occupational Therapist Referral etc.) to make a claim. Once this is complete we can provide your coordinator with an invoice which they can then use to order a Smartwatch.

We’ll send you an invoice directly, which you can then use to process an order out of your NDIS funding.

Application form to process an NDIS claim is:

Each order includes:

  • SOS Watch
  • Charging Cable
  • Wall Adaptor
  • Instruction Guide

Our 24/7 Emergency Response is a triage service which provides around the clock help to any of our customers who are at risk of any form of emergency.

Once a customer calls through, the emergency operator will immediately identify whether ambulance or police is required. If emergency services are not required the operator will then contact a prelisted emergency contact (family, friend, or neighbour) who can then assist the caller.

The SOS Watch supports all incoming calls, however outgoing non-emergency calls will depend on the plan chosen. Our ‘Device + SIM’ and ‘Monitoring Plus’ plans support unlimited SOS and non-emergency calls from the device.

The watch has a side button which can be pressed for 4 seconds. After a short delay it will begin calling through to either designated emergency contacts or our 24/7 Emergency Response Team. This will depend on the plan chosen.

There are 6 levels of falls detection available on the watch which can be activated. Level 1 being more sensitive and level 6 being less sensitive. This can be adjusted in the settings and will provide the wearer with additional safety when wearing the device.

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