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At SOS Watch,

Each member of our team is dedicated to providing the latest life-saving technology at the most affordable price. We pride ourselves on the best customer service, support and facilitating the journey of each of our customers to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Our team

soswatch team

Dr. Biju Paul


Dr. Biju Paul is the Director of SOS Watch and developed his vision of a medical alert device. He noticed a significantly higher rate of morbidity and mortality in patients who had a delayed access to healthcare in an emergency. Complications arising due to delays could easily be bridged with technological advances. He first developed his concept of a medical alert device in 2014.

He has served as medical director in Qld Health and continues to work as a leading private specialist in Brisbane.

soswatch team

Charmyn Tong


Charmyn Tong takes care of Accounting at SOS Watch. She has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at the Queensland University of Technology and has vast experience in the medical sector. She oversees our customers accounts and payments structure.

soswatch team

Samuel San Martin

Legal and IT support

Samuel San Martin is in charge of Legal and IT support. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Business and Law (Honours) at the Queensland University of Technology. He oversees Technical Support for our medical alarm devices as well as any Legal Support needed.

soswatch team

Carlos Alvarez

Marketing Manager

Carlos Alvarez manages our Marketing campaigns. He has a Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing) at the University of Queensland. He has experience in the digital marketing sector and analysing the new trends. He takes care of our online and social media presence as well as our community management and advertising.

soswatch team

Abi Anderson

Sales manager

Abi Anderson is the newest addition to our team. He has come on board as our Sales Manager, and has vast experience in the Sales and Marketing industry. He has a passion for customer welfare, and looks after any customer acquisitions and support for SOS Watch.

soswatch team

Rory Wheeler

Business Development Manager

Rory Wheeler is the Business Development Manager of SOS Watch. Rory joined our team in June of 2018 and has predominantly a Sales and Marketing background. Rory is a Brisbane local, yet has sold Australian products all over the country.

soswatch team

Augast Nayak

IT Support

Augast Nayak is our Information and Technology Specialist. He has years of experience in the International Technology industry. As our IT specialist, he focuses on managing and updating our website along with implementing the latest online security technology to our Online Shop.