Home Medical Alert Systems

Home Medical Alert Systems

Almost always, seniors prefer to live independently in their own home or apartment in which they have lived their whole life. The most common problem with this is if anything were to happen no one would know, or it would take days for someone to find out. Fortunately, thanks to technology there are several home medical alert systems also known as life alert devices available to help seniors continue living safely in their own homes. These personal alarm systems are the smart choice for aged people who want to stay in their own homes. These devices have made life easier for both seniors and their caregivers. Today’s technological devices are smarter than ever and meet the challenges of an ageing population. But, selecting the alarm systems for seniors that is best for your situation can be tricky.

How Life Alert Devices Work:

A home medical alert system can allow you or someone you love to live independently for many years to come, but only if you select the system that’s right for you and your family. The major purpose of monitored personal alarms devices is to speak with trained professionals when a threatening emergency takes place. For the users, this means living independently with fewer worries for themselves and their loved ones. Getting immediate help after a fall increase the chances of survival by 80% and increases the chances of returning to independent living, with the help of medical alert system.

There are various types of life alert devices with emergency response available for elderly parents, but the most common are the Fall Alert Pendant and SOS Watch, which have a 24/7 help button that immediately connects the wearer to an emergency response center. They are very useful devices, particularly for the elderly living alone, and in the study of gerontology. Even though there are many other emergency personal alarm systems in the market, several of those require the wearer to stay within a certain distance of a base station. While such life alert devices can limit the independence of the wearer, on the other hand, the SOS Watch for seniors allows the wearer to move freely with peace of mind.

Let’s Discuss Some SOS Watch Also Known As A 3G Personal Alarm:

The SOS mobile watch for seniors looks and functions like a common watch, but has many additional features such as a smartphone, including a home medical alert system. What makes this elderly GPS watch special is the SOS 24/7 help button that allows one to press a button on the watch to alert one or more people that you are in an urgent situation.  To top it off, your loved ones will be able to find you with a GPS for seniors and talk with you right on the SOS watch. The SOS Watch and SOS 3G pendant come with unlimited inbound calls.

Some notable features included with the SOS Watch (home medical alert system) are:

  • SOS watch acts as an all-in-one smartwatch, since it has a built-in mobile phone that can also work as an emergency personal alarm for elderly and location tracker.
  • SOS Watch has various mobile phone functionalities such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which can connect in all 3G enabled locations. It is not limited to your home only.
  • This emergency watch has an SOS button that when pressed will dial the 24/7 emergency response center automatically. 
  • The 24/7 emergency help device also features an alarm clock, which can be used for medication or meal reminders.
  • The emergency calls from the SOS Watch will be answered by a 24/7 emergency response center, they will send an ambulance or contact your next of kin.
  • This SOS Watch acts as a help alarm for elderly people and has the ability for 2-way voice communication. 
  • This 3g personal alarm watch for elderly people can be easily worn by users on their wrist with flexible straps making it easy to carry around with you.
  • The SOS mobile watch is easily contactable and locatable at any time, so it provides the independence and freedom to the wearer and caregiver.

If you have an ageing family member or friend, you understand the importance of ensuring both their safety and comfort. You should invest in home medical alert systems for seniors today to improve your loved one’s quality of life and give you some peace of mind, whether you are with them or not. The SOS Watch has the most affordable pricing in the market.