SOS Pendant 24/7 Medical Alert System for Seniors

SOS Pendant 24/7 Medical Alert System for Seniors

An excessive number of individuals have mishaps in their homes and are unable to call for help. Immediate medical attention or 24/7 emergency response is important to avoid serious complications that can be the result of falls and other restorative crises. According to the research, it has been proved that more than one out of three grown-ups of the ages 65 and more will fall in any given year. Therefore, a medical alert for our beloved family members is crucial.

What is the medical alarm System?

Usually, it is a device that is connected to a 24/7 emergency response center which acts immediately in fall detection or any kind of emergency. These alarms are easy to use and are very convenient. Such devices are a security net that can expand a senior’s personal satisfaction and help them remain free.

Types of Medical Alarm

One can see different types of medical alarms as it comes in the form of a watch, band, pendant etc. that connects with 3G connection and helps you to remain in touch with your family members from anywhere and everywhere.

SOS Pendant for Seniors

It is one of the kinds of medical alarm that help your family members to know where you are. It is a pendent that works from everywhere with 3G connection. This pendant is a great solution to all your tracking and fall detection problems. Please visit to know more.

How Does an SOS Pendant Work?

This pendant has a button on it. In crucial circumstances, just press this button for three seconds as it connects with 3G internet – the emergency response center will operate as a triage service and will either get you an ambulance instantly or get into contact with your next of kin to make sure someone can be there to help.

The benefit of Having an SOS Pendant for Senior's

  • All in one solution for tracking and fall detection problems.
  • Instant location updates on request, the SOS Pendant offers security and peace of mind to anyone worried about their loved one who wanders.
  • SOS Pendant offers you two-way voice communication any time to check in on your loved ones.
  • Fall detection provides the best possible emergency response in the event of a fall leading to the wearer being unconscious. An Emergency call will automatically be activated, and the wearer’s emergency contacts will be notified quickly.
  • It is a simple device to use, with the best possible technology to keep your loved one safe.

SOS Pendant is the best gift for your grandparents that shows your affection and care towards them. Now there is no need to restrict the physical activity of your grandparents and live a dread-free life.