The FB SOS Watch is a smartwatch backed with falls alarm technology designed to help those faced with daily living challenges

FB SOS SOS watch for Disabilities

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SOS watch for Disabilities
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Who is the SOS Watch designed for?

The SOS Watch is designed for those faced with daily living challenges. This can include people living with a chronic illness or disability and seniors who are a falls risk due to limitations caused by aging.

Why is this technology so important

One of the biggest barriers that prevents someone to access assistive technology and other daily living items is the stigma that comes with it. Being depicted as incapable or incompetent only leads to less motivation to use this life-saving technology. The SOS Watch is designed to look just like an everyday smartwatch, however with the added benefits of a personal alarm system. Wearers can use the device for daily functions including time, date and health tracking, but can also activate an emergency alert when in distress or during an emergency.

SOS watch for Disabilities
SOS watch

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testDarne SOS watchI am an Alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficient resulting in severe C.O.P.D and have silent hypoxia episodes where I cannot breathe nor speak. I had to use my sos button, which connected through to the 24/7 staff who checked they were speaking to me, before reassuring me that an ambulance was on the way. My condition and whereabouts of my emergency access key were relayed to ensure they could access my home with no problems. Buying the SOS button was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I can now live independently with the knowledge that I can obtain help at any time, with the delay of medical conditions (I cannot talk when I cannot breathe). Thank you to all staff for this life changing device.

Peta H

SOS Customer

bride SOS watch for DisabilitiesMy 13 y/o son suffers from severe anxiety as well as a long list of other diagnosis. I am now able to connect with him to calm him down when he is struggling with social situations and he would usually want to leave school. Previously this would have resulted in a suspension, emergency services and a day off work. Long story short, I’m back at work, he’s in school and life is good!

Rosie P

SOS Customer

testMirellaThe watch is great for people like me who are living alone with an illness (MS). I am more relaxed knowing help is just a touch away whether I’m inside or out. I demonstrated it to other members of my weekly support  group who share the same condition and I connected through to someone who immediately asked if I was okay which was so reassuring.

D’arne B

SOS Customer


How can I make an NDIS claim?

To process an order for an SOS Watch through your NDIS budget please ensure that it supports your NDIS goals.

There are a few different ways to make claims which are dependent on what type of plan management you have listed below.

NDIS/Agency Managed
Firstly, we’ll check to see if you have available funding in your Capital Support Budget(Assistive Technology) before processing an order through the NDIS portal using your NDIS number.

Plan Managed
We’ll contact your care coordinator and enquire whether you have available funding and whether you need any referrals (Occupational Therapist Referral etc.) to make a claim. Once this is complete we can provide your coordinator with an invoice which they can then use to order a Smartwatch.

We’ll send you an invoice directly, which you can then use to process an order out of your NDIS funding.

What is included in the Smartwatch Purchase?

Each order includes:

  • Your choice of a Smartwatch
  • Device SIM Card
  • Charging Cable
  • Charging Dock
  • Wall Adaptor

Do I have to set up the watch or is it pre-setup?

Our Smartwatch is setup and ready to go before being posted out to you. Upon receiving the watch, it is ready to be charged and worn. Details such as the watch contact number and how to use it will be included in the welcome letter.

How does the emergency service work?

Our 24/7 Emergency Response Unit is a team of professionals who work around the clock helping any of our customers who are at risk of any form of emergency. Once a customer calls through the emergency operator will immediately identify whether ambulance or police is required. If emergency services are not required the operator will then contact an emergency contact(family, friend or neighbour) which the caller has on file. Each SOS Watch customer can have up to 3 contacts stored in their emergency profile.

Do I need a mobile phone for the watch to work?

SOS products do not require a mobile phone to operate. All our products have their own SIM card installed meaning they are operational without any required support from other devices.

How long does it take to receive my order?

After an order has been processed and remittance can be shown, a product should take no longer than 1 week to arrive. We want to make sure your product is tested properly before being used.