Activate an emergency call 

by simply pressing the SOS button on your pendant for 3 seconds

What is SOS Pendant

The SOS Pendant is the solution to all of your Tracking and Fall Detection problems. With the best location services and instant location updates on request, the SOS Pendant provides security and peace of mind to anyone worried about their loved one who wanders.

Call the SOS Pendant at any time to check in on your loved one with two-way voice communication. Fall detection provides the best possible emergency response in the event of a fall leading to the wearer being unconscious. An Emergency call will automatically be activated, and the wearer’s Emergency Contacts will be notified immediately.

If you are looking for a simple device to use, with the best possible technology to keep your loved one safe, the SOS Pendant is for you.

Feel safe that others know where you are

Call the SOS Pendant at any time to check in on your loved one with two-way voice communication.

Choose your product

We provide our services to everyone we can assist. Our clients range from Australian Seniors to Australians living with a disability and Australians living with Domestic violence – we are here to help no matter when or where you are calling from. 

Use the simple table below to choose your product.

SOS Watch SOS Pendant
LED Screen
24/7 Emergency Response
Falls Detection
GPS tracking
Heart Rate Monitor


All SOS products have a one-year warranty. Further details can be found here.

Our refund policy (14 days) can be found in our terms and conditions.

Yes, our pendant uses the latest GPS Technology.

The SOS Watch and Pendant operate on their own SIM card! This means it will work independently and requires no set up.

Absolutely! The Pendant works anywhere with phone signal!

It absolutely is!

Absolutely! We can create a service booking for Assistive Technologies or Consumables.

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