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Safety at all times

Nationwide 24/7 Emergency Response


SOS Watch offers two Subscriptions, our Gold Safety Pack and Silver Safety Pack. Each provides our customers with a different level of care, depending on the level of need. It is vital that you look through the two subscriptions and choose which will be best for your current situation.

If you need help with this process, please call us on 1300767225 and we will assist.

Feel safe that others know where you are


ic_Features_UnlimitedUnlimited inbound calls

ic_FeaturesEmergency Response Service

ic_Features_EmergencyEmergency calls per month


ic_Features_NextNext of kin contact


ic_FeaturesOutbound calls per month *

10 min

ic_Features2Security call out


ic_Features_MedicalGP Clinic Booking


Price per month


* registration and call out charges apply

Choose your product

We provide our services to everyone we can assist. Our clients range from Australian Seniors to Australians living with a disability and Australians living with Domestic violence – we are here to help no matter when or where you are calling from. 

Use the simple table below to choose your product.

SOS Watch SOS Pendant
LED Screen
24/7 Emergency Response
Falls Detection
GPS tracking
Heart Rate Monitor


You will still be able to make emergency calls. We will call you and advise that you are making more emergency calls than your plan allows and recommend upgrading your plan.

With our Gold Package, you have 10 minutes of outbound calls.

The Emergency Response agent will contact your Emergency Contacts.

We are able to store your key-safe lock password and location for the ambulance team to access your home easily. We offer key-safe locks in our Accessories if you do not have one.

All of our products come with a 12-month monitoring package.

The SOS watch is splash-proof and can be worn throughout day to day life. We do not recommend wearing the watch in the shower.

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