Return and refund policy

General Terms
The SOS Watch owned and operated by Mackamalil Health Pty Ltd, promised to provide the quality product(s) only. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will give you a ‘money-back guarantee’ from the time you receive the goods. Please contact us within 14 days’ time if you are not satisfied with your purchase so that we can resolve any issues.

This refund policy does not apply to products which show wear and tear, are damaged after delivery or any attempt has been made to alter the product or if they have been dropped or broken. All SOS watches must be returned in their original condition. All postage and insurance costs are to be paid by the buyer.

We recommend that you return the product via Registered post and that you pre pay all postage. The client will assume any risk of lost, stolen or damaged goods during transit & therefore we recommend that you take out shipment registration of insurance with your postal carrier. SOS Watch will not be responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit if you choose not to insure.

Refund amounts (General)
If you return the watch within the ’14 day money-back guarantee’ period we will refund the purchase amount minus: Twenty Dollars ($20) for the 4G SIM card and mobile credit allocation, Fifteen Dollars ($15)  for our postage and packing, $20 setup and programming fee and Five Dollars ($5) credit card/PayPal transaction fees: TOTAL Sixty Dollars ($60).

Refund amounts (Coverage)
It is ultimately the user’s responsibility to test their alarm during the ’14 day money-back guarantee’ period and identify any mobile network coverage or signal issues. We use our best endeavors to ascertain if there is adequate coverage at the location where the user resides. Our standard practice before setting up your alarm is to do a coverage check our available networks at the supplied address where the watch will be used and if necessary also ask the purchaser if they personally are aware of any weak signals inside the residence on devices connected to the signal.

If after testing the user believes there is a weak signal then they should contact us via phone or email before the ’14 day period’ expires in order us to investigate the coverage issue. We will try to solve the issue by changing to others of our available providers. If after investigating we find the coverage is inadequate and we cannot provide an alternate SIM card and network provider, upon the device being returned we will refund the purchased price after deducting the Sixty dollars ($60) (see above).

Cancellation fee: Mobile Alarm
If you cancel your order before we have begun processing that order and pay via credit card or PayPal we reserve the right to charge you a Five Dollar ($5) fee to cover the cost of credit card transaction fees or PayPal transaction fees. If you cancel your order after we have processed your order, but not dispatched it, we reserve the right to charge you additional fees to cover the costs of your prepaid credit card setup and programming.

The SOS Watch and SOS 3G pendant come with unlimited inbound calls.

12 Month Product Warranty
SOS Watch wants you to be satisfied with the purchase of our devices and services. If you experience any problem with your device please call our office (1300 767 225) and we will endeavor to resolve the issue over the phone in the first instance. If however the device is found to be defective, we will replace the device within the first 12 months at no cost to you.

Please note that the 12 month warranty does not include any damage caused by water, misuse, vandalism, attempted unauthorized repairs, and for any electrical default or other causes other than by normal wear and tear. To replace the device you must first send the watch in the original unit carton, including all items originally packaged with the device (batteries, re-charge cradle base, USB cable and adaptor) to; SOS Watch, Unit 1/1 Livingstone st, Yeerongpillly, QLD 4105. You must also include in the return package; an invoice number, your contact details (purchaser and watch receiver details), and a description of the problems and issues faced while using the device. Please note that the return package delivery charge will need to be paid by you. We recommend that you return the purchased package by registered post as we will not be responsible for the package that is not delivered to us. After the 12 months, the lease payments will continue unless the customer cancels the contract.

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