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One touch emergency calling

Receive immediate assistance 24/7


Magnetic battery charger

Easy charging with charger that clips


Nationwide coverage

Unlimited Nationwide coverage in all 3G areas


Falls detection

Sends text message and makes the SOS-help call



Wear it in the shower or rain


Inbuilt GPS

Send a text message to find outs it’s location

SOS emergency pendant – medical alert watch – SOS pendant alarm – 24 7 monitoring for seniors

SOS Alarm
The sos watch and sos pendant are the latest medical alert devices in our innovative range of healthcare products developed and tested locally in Australia.

Who would benefit
The product is currently used by a wide range of people in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Europe. The SOS watch is loved by active retirees and people living independently in their own homes. It is the emergency monitoring device of choice for people over 60. With an inbuilt heart rate monitor and pedometer, it provides the inbuilt healthcare monitoring benefits that are most commonly sought after.

The device is provided on the NDIS for patients with a wide range of disabilities. It has empowered young Australians with disabilities to take control of their lives and return to work. The SOS Watch provides them and their families with the confidence of having immediate help at hand on their wrist.

The SOS pendant is the preferred medical device for people with higher care needs. It has an inbuilt GPS tracker and mobile communication. With inbuilt falls detection and gps location through texts it is a duress alarm backed by our trained 24/7 emergency response team.

The SOS Alarms are the preferred dementia watch and dementia pendant for patients with dementia. It is the preferred partner for elderly Australians and DVA’s living independently in their own homes with a home care package.

How it Works
The SOS alarms come with an inbuilt Telstra Sim for mobile coverage. It is connected to the latest iOT network. With Australia’s largest nationwide coverage, it provides nationwide emergency response and 24/7 monitoring. The iOt network is unaffected by future changes to the 2G, 3G, 4G, NBN or landline network upgrades. It can provide worldwide coverage upon activation of the service.

Icon Image

The device connects you globally to our 24/7 emergency response unit, located right here in Australia, making it the preferred medical alert device for seniors over 60.

Comparison Chart

Features SOS Watch LiveLifeAlarms Mepacs Tunstall VitalCall

24/7 Emergency Response

Nationwide Coverage

Texts & Calls

Hands Free 2 Way Device

GPS Location

Fall Detection

Incoming Calls

No Base Station Required


Watch & Pendant Available

Easy Station Charging

SOS Watch LiveLifeAlarms Mepacs Tunstall VitalCall


Lease Only
Lease Only

Monthly Charges / Leasing


Battery Life

Up to 72 Hrs
Up to 72 Hrs
Up to 24 Hrs


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